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Serving Oakland and the Bay Area since 1915

At Macy Movers, customer care and satisfaction is our primary goal. We make it our top priority to deliver efficient, worry-free moving at a very affordable price. Each move is planned and coordinated according to each individual’s needs.

We recently celebrated our 100th year. We are well established with a proven track record of successful moving, may it be local, across the state, country or even international.

Because your relocation is so important to you, and to us, we want to know your concerns and your needs from the very beginning. Give us a call at (510) 444-0100 if you have questions about your move or to set up a free, in home estimate.
Macy Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company. Our valuation coverage spans from the starting point of your move to the final destination. A client representative will help you decide on the amount of protection you will need and explain the price structure for each plan.
While we strive for zero damage, we cannot prevent all. Potholes and speedbumps can wreak havoc on the most carefully packed items. Insuring it ensures that you receive the full replacement value. Sometimes people choose Basic Valuation Coverage because it is free without realizing what it means in terms of compensation. Therefore, we want you to know in advance what Basic Value Coverage is compared to Full Value Coverage.

Moving soon? Don't let your belongings or your sanity get lost along the way.

From researching industry professionals, down to the final invoice approval, Atlas Van Line experts share seven steps to a better move.

  • Be aware of busy season. Summer months are the most popular time to relocate. The earlier you can schedule your move, the better. If you're flexible, try to move outside of May through August.
  • Research movers' ratings and history. Visit Atlas to view a list of accredited and highly rated Atlas Agent movers across the United States and Canada. A company's history often affects its credibility, so be sure to dive deep into their past to validate them as a top choice.
  • Familiarize yourself with consumer rights. Take your moving industry education a step farther by familiarizing yourself with the laws that are there to protect you as a consumer. is a helpful resource to review before relocating.
  • Track your inventory. Prior to your move, complete the Statement of Customer Responsibilities and inventory forms provided by your hired moving company. If moving with Atlas, their inventory app provides a secure inventory tracking service for its customers.
  • Review and approve moving estimates. An important factor when choosing a moving company is the estimate. Online, phone, and in-home estimates are available. Review them closely for any red flags, small print or extra charges before signing off.
  • Hold higher standards. Make sure you discuss with your moving company how your shipment will arrive. If your mover doesn't hold high enough standards for handling your property, find a company that does. Movers with a large network of agents are better able to accommodate your move.
  • Pay attention. If you're working with a trusted industry professional, you can usually avoid the stress, but be sure to know how to identify the movers when they arrive at your home to eliminate the chance of moving fraud.

For more helpful tips and ideas, please download our moving tips paper in PDF format.